Plugs and Bragging Rights

OK, it's time to update you all on things that are happening with friends of mine. It's time to hock some wares.

I want to tell you firstly about a wonderfully amazing album that is currently on pre-sale. It's by Neycha, a friend of ours from New York for whose band David used to play cello. Neycha lost her fiancee, Ed, I think almost two years ago now, to murder. He went out one night to pick up some food, and never came back. Because it was DC and he was black, the murder went unsolved and almost un-cared for in the police dept. This album is her ascent back into life, and it is filled with rage and beauty and anger and resolve. If you are a fan of hip-hop, rock, electronica, and powerful women, I highly recommend this. It made me weep, and shake my rump, almost simultaneously. Is that possible?

Another album just out is by Throttle Back Sparky, fronted by Allen Lulu, hubby of the unstoppable Beth. Their new album is just out, and it is an extremely impressive mix of, by their own words, "X meets Motown meets Iron Maiden meets The Beach Boys meets Meatloaf meets X by way of Rocky Horror." They are incredibly fun to watch live. Looks like right now you can get their album on iTunes and at live shows, or at Amoeba.

Tifanie just got named the Artistic Director (is that the right title?) of the Ensemble Theatre Company, which is pretty much unbelievably awesome, so go see some good theatre if you can. She'll make it great.

Mimi Ko finally published her website, so go look at her beautiful portfolio.

I'm really proud of my friends. Support them, if you dare.

Also, Jane Siberry is currently offering her re-recorded version of "Calling All Angels" as a free download and is contemplating making her entire library (massive) available for free. A lively discussion of the implications of such a move is going on right now on her message boards. For those of you who have never seen her live, it is truly a sacramental experience and she is touring this winter.

Our friend Mr. Gaiman has a new book coming out this week, so that's cool, and on Friday he would really appreciate it if you went to go see his movie Mirrormask in the select locations where it is playing, because it will determine whether it gets a wide release. So skip Corpse Bride for a weekend (do that next weekend) and go check out Mirrormask.

Oh my gosh, what else? Time for everyone to come forward and sell themselves. Speak up!


Oh, you! I will most assuredly check out yo frenz albums. Thanks for the plug- I am Executive Director, rather than Artistic, but it's still quite cool. Not as cool as you, though.
tifanie | 09.20.05 - 9:00 am | #

Only a sorta plug, but I reviewed Anansia Boys here: anansi-boys-cx_mm_0921bookreview.html
Mike M. | Homepage | 09.22.05 - 3:42 pm | #

Mike, you are the badass. Is there a non-membership place to see that?
a | Homepage | 09.22.05 - 5:27 pm | #

It should be available if you go to and do a text search for "book reviews." I thought that they had agreed with me to make the reviews totally public awhile back. I know for a fact that if you go to and search "Gaiman" that I'm the second link and it goes right to it.
Mike M. | Homepage | 09.22.05 - 7:17 pm | #

Got it-- and of course, it's fantastic. Thanks.
a | Homepage | 09.23.05 - 11:32 am | #

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