You know what? No matter how hard I try to control things, like, oh, say, a RELEASE DATE for our record, the Universe has other ideas (illness, funerals, mastering issues, etc). At this point I can either fight it and push what is not meant to be pushed, or just ride along and let the current take me where I need to go.


Just kidding.

In the end, no one gives a crap that our album comes out a few weeks late. No one but me. August is always such a strange month, isn't it?


August has always been a month of suspended animation for me. Everything feels off by a few clicks and whistles. At this point I just want the coolness of September and beyond.
Don't push it.
Shawn Jackson | 08.26.05 - 4:25 pm | #

Nice points, Mr. Jackson. August is suspended animation for most of the northern hemisphere. In fact, Adriana, I'd advise not putting the CD in the mail to influential folks until the very end of August or early September. August is vacation month and, much as we think we've grown up, September really is "back to school" for most people, no matter how old they are. So, if the universe is going to make your projects late, it's best the universe does that in August, when everyone's mind is elsewhere.
Mike M. | Homepage | 08.26.05 - 4:59 pm | #

I hate August. I have had a sucky month. I am just biding my time now til September finally saunters in.
Lisa | 08.26.05 - 6:46 pm | #

I loves me some August. August is for squeezing the last bit of juice from the orange. August is for sprinkler dancing. August is for getting ready to become to the world what you already are to yourself.
tifanie | 08.26.05 - 7:15 pm | #

I love August- it's the month of my dear hubby's b-day and our anniversary. It's also a month off from school (the kids are ready to start, but I'm not ) Say what you want about August, but I like it. Can't you also just feel winter slowly advancing upon us? I see the wood pile getting higher, the air is a bit nippier at night, the evening rolls in a little sooner, and yet, the corn is perfect for pickin', the calves and kittens are starting to go off on their own, and the sunsets are just spectacular! That record will be wonderful when it's finished, and then and only then will you know why things needed to be delayed. Things are always so much better a few weeks from now no matter when you start!

Are you feeling better, though?
Prairie Momma | 08.27.05 - 4:59 pm | #

On pushing and not...

See the advice I always get from my mother, about anything, is "take it one day at a time."

Taking this advice has led to some of the biggest problems in my life!

Then again, it has also led to some of the best choices I have ever made.

So I have no idea. Just have a popsicle.
Don | 08.28.05 - 3:18 am | #

As much as we are excited about the album, just riding along with it will result in a happier you. (It only took me 50+ years to learn that one! And, sometimes I still need reminding.)

Hope you are feeling better, though, than last week.
Ma | 08.29.05 - 9:31 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:26:00 PM  

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