I'b got a cold. I dun't feel gud. Bmy dnew job is full ob meanies. *sniff*
Eberyone on our planeds was sick. I hab a photo shoot on Saturday abd I look like Rudolph.


Lots of fluids and lots of rest! I'm sure by the weekend you'll look gorgeous, as usual!! Maybe the meanies will get hit with a Happy Wand!
Ma | 08.24.05 - 3:34 pm | #

Yes to the above and drink lots of peppermint tea (good decongestant). I suggest a good movie, have David pick up a Jane Austen or Anne of GG, have David fix dinner, take a nice hot, steamy shower and have David warm up your towel in the dryer (or microwave if it's big enough - but not for too long) before bringing it to you so that you can bring your body back to room temperature slowly, have David give you a nice massage with some nice lavender oil, have David rub your little toes and foot as it stimulates the immune system, and then have David tuck you into a nice bed (I would suggest some Vicks vaporrub because it really is a good decongestant - just smells like Grandma - which can be a good thing). Oh, by the way, if David has a problem with all this, remind him he is still an 8 married to an 11!!!! Get better soon!!!
Prairie Momma | 08.24.05 - 3:47 pm | #

AHAHAHAHAHHA oh man, HAHAHAHAHAHHAh. thank you for that.
a | Homepage | 08.24.05 - 5:01 pm | #

david's sick too, btw. waa waaaaa.
a | Homepage | 08.24.05 - 5:03 pm | #

Well, then, call that brother of mine and tell him I said to get down there and wait on you two. OK. It never worked when we were younger, but you never know........ You could take that shower and together...... and if you use the Vicks, well, you'll both be feelin' good in no time.
Prairie Momma | 08.24.05 - 5:07 pm | #

I bet you're the prettiest reindeer EVAR.
ashley | 08.24.05 - 7:59 pm | #

But Rudolph was so freaking cute! I want to see the pictures!
Maure | Homepage | 08.25.05 - 10:20 am | #

MMMM.....Vicks Vaporub. It does work.
Shawn Jackson | 08.26.05 - 4:21 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:27:00 PM  

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