Yesterday was really lovely. A lot of really beautiful, warm, silly souls came over and lent their voices to a song of ours. I tried my best to just not think about the fact that this was the first public outing of this song, and just focused on getting what we needed and making sure people were having a good time. I think it was good. We won't have time for a few days to go back over it and check out everything we got. Still, there was a perfect moment where I looked over and saw the girls holding hands, chanting "we're sent here to build our own republic of heaven" and I just felt so honored to know these people. I so appreciate you, all of you. I appreciate your care and your willingness and your light. I hear your voices, and I love them. Thanks for lending yourselves to us for a brief moment.

Afterward, David and I walked and watched the dusk settle in over Los Angeles, before the bang and boom began. I felt so happy to be holding the hand of a man I adore in the maybe moments of the gloaming, where anything is possible. I could feel that warm and stinging feeling that comes now with holidays associated with Mom, a mixture of regret and longing for connection, a bridge to the old days. I lit a sparkler and watched its green sparks rain over the patio. This is being alive. Sometimes it's almost too terribly sweet for words.


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