March of the Penguins is a movie you must see. It's so beautiful. Go see it. Do it. I says so.


I don't know if I could watch it without making nonsensical baby noises (Ahhhh booboomooshoopoooboo!) at the sheer cuteness of the penguins. I lurve them so much!! Penguins make me feel like Elmira. I just want to SQUEEZE them!!
Maure | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 1:37 am | #

I wanted to take Julia and Evan to see this, but I read something that said it was to violent for children that love animals...what do you think? Am I going to ruin them if they see it?
Gabriella | 07.19.05 - 5:56 pm | #

hmm...well, it's only violent in the sense that


a few penguins get eaten by predators or die of cold or old age. There were a lot of kids in the audience but they didn't seem just depends on if julia and evan are aware of the Circle of Life. it's a tough call, but i have to say i was thinking of julia the whole time.
a | Homepage | 07.20.05 - 10:06 am | #

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