Last night was the first full night of sleep we've gotten since Saturday, so hello, yes I am a human, and a good day to you. David has still not stopped by my site to pick up his birthday greetings, as he has been a Living Dead, but hopefully today he will.

So, two and a half years later, that film that I worked on with the dragon tattoo and the bratty kid and the potty training is finally coming out this coming Monday. It's being shown, rather. Being screened. At the Fox studios. It has been re-named "The Hollywood Babysitter" (which is better than "The Lil' Yello Wabbit"...although now that I think about it, I'm not sure why Hollywood is in the title) and there's even a small website about it. The kid is probably all grown up and in high school now. I am absolutely dreading seeing this thing, especially around people at a movie studio, because I know...oh I know how it's going to be. The guys called me to do some re-shoots on it MORE THAN A YEAR LATER and about two weeks after my mom died, and naturally I said no. It's a TEN MINUTE SHORT, people. So they went ahead and re-shot some stuff anyway, which boggles my mind as now apparently there is a third actor in the film. Where they could have added her is beyond me. It's going to be a major test for me in the field of humility, and holding your head up while the world is showing you to be an idiot (see: rosacea face and 15 or so lbs heavier). Bring it on. Mainly I'm looking forward to seeing the Fox lot, where I've never been, and where my mom learned to drive doing doughnuts in their parking lot.


Now my curiosity is up. On the website it says this is a short fiction, but you have the same look on your face that many mothers during potty training have had. So, when does it show in Abq.?
Cathy | 07.21.05 - 9:09 pm | #

What the? Potty training? You sure look purdy in the picture, my friend. As ever. Wish I could see it!
tifanie | 07.21.05 - 9:31 pm | #

LOL. Does this mean that the short will include random shots of an actress with a cape over her face that the director is convinced looks like you, from the ears up, al la Bela Lugosi in Plan 9 From Outer Space?

Ah, seriously, darling... You worked on the film. That's an accomplishment. Don't fret about it. Enjoy that you did something. Actually working on something, rather than talking about it, is 99% of the battle, after all. Oh geez, I sound like the end of a GI Joe cartoon. And that's one to grow on.
Mike M. | Homepage | 07.21.05 - 10:18 pm | #

Knowing really IS half the battle.

It's only a ten minute film, Cathy. I sincerely doubt it will find its way to ABQ, but if it's good I'll copy it for you.

Have I ever told you all about Colton, the kid playing the kid? He deeply resented the experience, as he was six years old and was forced to wear a diaper. We lost most of the days to his absolute refusal to work (which I understood), and eventually he just lay on the floor and went catatonic and wouldn't respond to anyone. The mom finally threatened him heavily and said something like he'd never get Yu-Gi-Oh cards again if he didn't get up and do the movie. It was really upsetting.
a | Homepage | 07.22.05 - 10:02 am | #

I want a copy period!! I'm sure it will be great, and if it isn't, it will be great fun to sit and watch that short movie when YOU are the big star that can refuse to work and sit in the middle of the floor and demand whatever it is you desire. So, please, get us a copy. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings about the look on your face, i just had to laugh from my experiences because I can remember plopping down on the bathroom floor with a look of "what is the use" with one of my darlings (he shall remain nameless, but at least you now have it narrowed down to two ).

I am just proud of you for getting this little start. I look forward to seeing it, seeing your next BIG movie, and hearing the album.

Lots of love and hugs from the prairies of NM.
Cathy | 07.22.05 - 12:13 pm | #

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