I saw the film. I cannot un-see it. Need I say more? Ok, I'll say more. The re-shoots rendered an already confusing script almost unwatchable. The framing of the shots is worse than my six year old niece could do. There were often heads or chins cut off and I'm rarely fully facing the camera. Our performances are horrendous. The lighting is all willy nilly. Plus, the story is somewhat repugnant. I saw the kid Colton who is in it with me, and he was inching along into the theatre with his back to the wall like some sort of trapped raccoon in the headlights. He is apparently now starring on the soap opera Passions, which I'm sure has made his mother quite wealt..*ahem* happy.

It was great. I'll try to post some screenshots at some point.

The Fox lot is nowhere near as nice as Warner Bros. Its soundstages have peeling paint and everything feels more cramped and depressed. The cafeteria was dingy and the studio store didn't have much to offer. Murdoch's money is clearly not going to the studio, that's certain. I didn't have time to really look around and explore the backlot area, but hopefully I'll have an opportunity in the future when I make The Hollywood Babysitter 2: Wabbit's Wevenge.


No matter how awful, I'm still proud of you for doing the film. Jay Leno will dig it up one day, and you'll just have to laugh. You'll be famous enough, and he'll be thrilled to even be able to book you on the show. We all love you here!!
Cathy | 07.26.05 - 4:44 pm | #

I hate to admit that I watch Passions and unless he changed his name he does not star in it. Maybe he had a small part once or twice.
Laura | 07.27.05 - 7:38 am | #

HAHAHAHAH!! Well, IMDB says he's Ethan Winthrop Jr., if that means anything to you.
a | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 9:33 am | #

"Ethan Winthrop Jr." *chortles*
tifanie | 07.27.05 - 8:16 pm | #

He must be new. If he is the new Ethan then he needs to take some lessons from you, I liked the first one better.
Laura | 07.29.05 - 6:37 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:21:00 PM  

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