We saw some more footage last night of the movie, and seriously, it brought me to tears. David and I were talking about it today, and it almost feels like this was the medium in which the show was meant to be, and that what we've known it onstage is more of a crude outline. Seeing Mimi Marquez actually dance in a nightclub or watching April and Roger fall in love is a huge difference from imagining it. One definite plus is the show is re-recorded really well, so it sounds great - more rock, less Broadway. Now, I will re-iterate that this is from what I've seen, which is obviously only small bits.

David and I buckled down and made a huge list today of all the things that need to get done to complete the album. The result is, unfortunately, a huge list. *sigh*

I added some pics from my trip to the fun page. Check it out, yo.


There is so much to be said about the picture with you and Al....you not only contributed to the archive...you ARE PART of the archive, and take from that what you will.
And look at that backdrop!!! I can't help but be excited by it. For any of us that spent even a small amount of time in Rent's universe, the bittersweet reality is there, it's alive, and as a result, the spirit lives on. You happened to be present during so many births of this story, and the part that you play is a special one. So be proud.......
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