I've been away. I went to Albuquerque. I watched my niece graduate from Kindergarten, and attended my Aunt's surprise retirement party. We had a memorial for my Mom, and spent time assessing with each other where we are a year later. My Dad held a family "conclave" to give us his life history. We have all grown and changed so much from this experience. Parts of me are almost unrecognizable.

I got to drive back to LA with my cousin Gabriella and her entourage in her sister's wicked minivan. It's tricked out with a DVD player, so the time went incredibly quickly. There has been a lot of rain this spring in the desert, so the normally unbearable brownness of it all was was sprinkled with hopeful dashes of green bushes and yellow wildflowers.

I was very happy to leap back into my husband's arms. He is what makes everything worthwhile. Once again, we got good music work done.

I'll post pictures when I get a second. Monday was surprisingly alright. We all made it through this year. I just wonder what comes next. I think it's something like the rest of my life, but I can't quite see it from here yet.

My brother Gabe is in town, and we ate yummy Italian food last night and giggled about life's messiness. I'm feeling the deep need to go on a long vacation, like the kind where you just sit on a beach far from your real life and do nothing for weeks. Still, it's miles to go before I sleep.


Sounds like a really good trip. Life is messy, isn't it? I have a hammock you can come sit in, when the sun comes back to my little town...
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