It was a really good weekend. Hubby and I saw Howl's Moving Castle, which was more bizarre and unpredictable and wonderful than we could have anticipated. Then we went back to the WB lot and watched Mimi and Roger sing "I Should Tell You" under falling snow. It was a lovely ending to a long journey with this show. It was an odd luck that brought them to our doorstep and I'll forever be grateful for it.

Saturday I officially became a fairy godmother with the naming ceremony of Caitlin Noelle, Pam's little girl. It was a really powerful and beautiful experience, and I'll post pics of our little changeling when I get a chance. Hubby made a delicious spinach lasagna. Yumyum. Then we got back to digging into the album, mining for the veins of gold. David seems to have found some. Have I mentioned that I adore him, and that he's brilliant?

Yesterday would have been my parents' 40th anniversary. My Dad was alright at first, but then comically called later saying he's decided to take up drinking as a hobby. I asked him how much he'd been drinking and he said "I'm almost done with this bottle of vodka...It's taken me almost a whole year to drink it." I think he's doing alright.


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