I'm happy to report there is a little solstice baby who has entered the world, young Hannah Catherine O'Connell (not completely sure of spelling), who was born in the wee hours this morning with a mop of black hair on her head. She's about a month early but is doing very well, and I'm a very happy first-cousin-once-removed indeed. I can't wait to meet her. YAY for life! Congratulations, Christina and Brian! This post has a lot of exclamation marks! L'chaim!


A the blessings of a baby. No matter who the sweet one belongs to, they are so precious to hear about. Congrats to them and may their home be over flowing with the happiness that comes from those blessings. Yes, I have to say it, "Enjoy them because they grow up WAYYYYYYY too quickly.
Cathy | 06.23.05 - 8:20 am | #

actually, prayers would be much appreciated for Hannah who is back in the hospital with lung problems, as she was about a month premature.
a | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 10:48 am | #

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