I don't know if anyone saw, but Jesse Ferguson was on the Tonys on Sunday night and he ushered Al Sharpton onstage. What a strange, amazing life. You never can predict it.

I just feel compelled to tell you all today that I really love you and value your friendships. I bow to you. To address some stuff from the comments:

First of all, HI BETH!!! I love and miss you too! I want to meet your dog, dammit! Thank you for writing. And man oh man, am I excited for Kristen. Tell your hubby he was right about The Decemberists.

Tifanie, you always belong, you are a walker of worlds. And yeah, I do have that thing, that weird obsessive thing where if something hits me, I have to dig it all up and consume it utterly until it is fully incorporated in my being. It's somewhat embarrassing in its unpredictability, but I appreciate that you see it and accept it for part of what I am. I think it's something about exploring why I am drawn to certain stories - I need to know what the corresponding myth behind it is and why I need it at that time in my life. I don't think I can fully articulate it.

Shawn, I finally saw Nausicaa and am further in love with what seems to be Miyazaki's one overarching concept - like you said, the feminine hero and the slow death of the environment, played out again and again in magical worlds that at once our own world, both interior and exterior. And wow to both you and Missy about Marat/Sade, I feel the same way.

And, for me, the duende has returned with the music David makes. I feel I'm in a renaissance time, just getting to work with him, and be his friend, and be his love. I am so fortunate. My heart bursts.

And a small prayer of thanks today for Gabriella's loving doggy who died after many years of making many people happy. Goodspeed, sweet spirit.


You are simply wonderful.
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