Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Doesn't anyone want to send me to Japan to visit the Studio Ghibli museum? I must meet Totoro face to face. Howl's Moving Castle opens this week. I will be first in line.


Takes me back to the Highland Theatre, once upon a time. It was kind of you to bring me into that world back then, even if I never quite belonged.

I feel almost the same about Miyazaki. I want to get it. I kind of get it. I like the bouncing disembodied heads, for sure. But I am on the edge of the edge of these things, balancing on my heels.

I admire you for many reasons, one of them being how you can utterly embrace a thing and follow its every root and off-shoot.

tifanie | 06.07.05 - 9:03 pm | #

Oh my...the Highland Theater, on those few chilly December nights. It is the most severe I have ever come to Lorca's duende, ( Marat/Sade a close second):

"The duende is not in the throat, the duende comes up from inside, up from the very soles of the feet. That is to say, it is not a question of aptitude, but of a true and viable style - of blood, in other words; of what is oldest in culture: of creation made act."

So I suppose that "Highlights of Rent", which for whatever reason seem so very long ago, was my version of what Lorca held so dear, and what Jonathan did indeed manifest, in a turn-of-the-century way.

Changing gears, you know I am on the same page with you when it comes to Miyazaki. I was a self confessed Otaku long before the term ever become somewhat popular within certain circles, probably due to the fact that I was watching anime since my teens. Moving Castle looks promising, as Miyazaki continues to focus on the female hero and the slow death of the environment. His ( traditional) animation leaves you feeling full and at the same time wanting more, which is a major feat these days, given the Shrek induced debris we are bombarded with. Do I take animation a little too seriously? Yes. : )
Adriana, David..shall we make a date for the El Cap soon???
Shawn Jackson | 06.08.05 - 4:35 am | #

Its so funny how you mention Marat Sade - just yesterday I was having lunch with a potentional donor and she asked what my favorite part was. It really took me off balance because I sell theatre now not do theatre. And I didn't really know off hand what my favorite role was but I told her my favorite play was Marat Sade - God that set, and Adriana, and everything!

I am not a anime fan or expert on any level but when I saw Spirited Away - it clung to my soul and just touched me in the most profound way. I was sooooo excited to see the previews of Moving Castles - these stories are so much more complex and relevant to adults and children alike - kind of like Shel Silverstein.
missy | 06.08.05 - 10:12 am | #

Hey! My friend Kristen did a voice in Howl's Moving Castle! She was just a random girl and they just bumped her up and gave her an official name. She's really excited. I think she goes to the premiere tonight. Small World. Oh....and Adriana....I love and miss you!

Beth Lulu | 06.09.05 - 1:05 pm | #

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