Well, I just got back from Revenge of the Sith, and I gotta tell ya, it was Fan-Freakin-Tastic. Fan, because it pleased all my dorky fan needs and sensibilities about what needed to be tied up, Freakin because it had some stomach clenchingly upsetting stuff in it, and Tastic because, well...it was very over-the-top.

Seriously, my expections were nil and therefore I had such an amazing time, especially because we went with friends who are fans (Hubby, Chuck, Shawn, Mimi, and Mikey Holmes, who played Han Solo to my Leia a long time ago in a theatre program far, far away). We saw it at the Arclight in digital, and then had a great time watching the parade of geeks outside the theatre who came in costume. There was a seriously real-looking Wookie there, and we watched a pretty impressive staged lightsaber duel. The whole place was just thronged with humans and it really had the feeling of an event, which made it fun.

I'm really happy with how it all worked out. The guy wrote himself out of a hole, I can tell you that. Mainly I'm just happy to feel that exhilaration that I haven't felt in a long time. I really enjoy experiencing stories with an audience who are truly engaged. It's kind of what makes all this artist stuff worth it.

It's been a good Star Wars day.


I liked it. But I really didn't like Frankenvader. Noooooooo! Uh... no.
Mike M. | Homepage | 05.22.05 - 12:37 pm | #

Hans Solo, huh? Now that's something I didn't know about Mike. He and I played roles opposite each other long, long ago and far, far away also, though not in a theatrical capacity.
Lisa | 05.22.05 - 1:25 pm | #

do you mean in the wink wink nudge nudge capacity? how bizarre that you all know each other. except not that bizarre because it's ABQ after all, and if it were any smaller we'd all be inbred.

mike, totally agree. we've been laughing about it for 24 hours now.
a | Homepage | 05.22.05 - 5:21 pm | #

My favorite part of the film was "it looks like Luke has given in to the fat side of the force", which wasn't in the movie at all, but those that were present know what I am talking about.

And I gotta love Peter David's ( comic book and sci-fi writer guy ) new take on this...I wish I would of thought of it first:

"And, hey, now we've got a new fan gesture, taken from the Obi-Wan/Anakin battle: Jedi High Five, which consists of bringing your plams to within an inch of each other but not making contact no matter how hard you try."
shawny | 05.22.05 - 6:29 pm | #

Not so much in the wink wink nudge nudge sense. He was my first high school boyfriend, then after the good times ended, we spent the rest of high school trying to avoid each other! Dave knows about our association as Mike would walk me to Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Len's after school frequently. Oh those old Highland days!
Lisa | 05.22.05 - 7:24 pm | #

Thank god it's over. You were the chosen one!
Gabriel | 05.23.05 - 1:21 am | #

Gabe, you should come to LA so we can go see the movie together. We can't break our streak!
a | Homepage | 05.23.05 - 9:37 am | #

I cried through the whole thing.

Especially when Anakin goes, "No, Padme... I"M in love with YOU! AHAHAHA WE'RE SO CUTE AND IN LOVE!"

No, just kidding. It made me REALLY sad, even macho Joel cried.
ashley | 05.23.05 - 1:18 pm | #

I've already seen it twice, but I will be in L.A. next week....
Gabriel | 05.23.05 - 11:04 pm | #



I cannot believe it's been out this long and I have YET to be able to see it. I will likely break down soon if I cannot find it showing somewhere in English. I do not want to hear some French voice-over artist's Yoda voice. Actually, I really really do, but not the first time I see this...

D | 05.24.05 - 10:11 am | #

I thought it sucked pretty hard.
tifanie | 05.24.05 - 11:48 pm | #

Wow - we just missed you, same Dome, same day, different time. My favorite part was "You're preggers? Gee that's....................great."
Mary | 05.25.05 - 12:17 am | #

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