This makes me sick to my stomach. David and I were talking about it this morning...what would be the line to draw where you know you cannot conscienciously live in this country anymore? How long do you wait, trying to work from the inside, before you fold the tent? I'm wondering because this FDA ruling is reminiscent of the beginnings of what the Nazis did with the Jews, and I'm concerned. I don't feel at all that it's time to give up, but I'm just wondering where the line is.

Veering wildly away from that, does anyone feel like sending me to England next month? Come on, I'll buy you a doughnut. Oh, William Blake, my mother bore me in the southern wild, too.

And, strangely, the Star Wars movie got a...good review? I'm furrowing my brow and remaining deeply suspicious. Don't read any of the middle if you want to remain spoiler-free, by the way.


As well as national ID cards and internal passports, which reek of Nazism. And they seem to be getting closer to reality for us.

The line in the sand for us is likely a reinstatement of the draft and internal passports.
Lisa | 05.06.05 - 3:24 pm | #

Here's the kicker. You generally have to leave *before* your line has been crossed. Imagine the mass exodus that internal passports could incite. When people start leaving the US, I can imagine other countries (or at least the countries to which I would like to relocate) shutting their doors to keep out the masses.

(In a not-so-funny-but-it's-so-ironic-it's-hard-not-to- laugh sort of way, the image of a stream of Americans crossing the Rio Grande and Mexicans calling us wetbacks comes to mind)
ch3lk | 05.06.05 - 5:37 pm | #

Further question.

To me it's almost immoral to flee the country and let others to face oppression on their own. At what point do you pick up a gun and believe in freedom enough to give your life for it? Who is going to save America once these lines have been crossed if not Americans? Could I run and ever rest easy in my freedom knowing friends and family are suffering?
ch3lk | 05.06.05 - 5:43 pm | #

This is something Lawrence and I have struggled with. It would be a much easier decision to make without having to fear for your children's safety. Without them I would have no qualms about staying and standing up til the end.

You are right about leaving before the line is crossed. It is difficult to determine when it is getting too hot to stay and when one is being paranoid. Imagine the ridicule the Jews incurred when leaving at the point that Hitler was just a "patriotic" leader. Before the ugly stuff started, I'm sure people accused them of paranoia.
Lisa | 05.06.05 - 8:07 pm | #

Yes, it's bad. I say we pool our resources and start an artist studio/performance collective in the south of France. Any interest there? And speaking of European collective performances- love Engand, love the female talents playing, love Wm. Blake. Protest songs? Sometimes. Lullabies about children? That's where you lost me, sorry. Wugga.
tifanie | 05.07.05 - 9:36 am | #

Yeah, it's bad. We're being run by morons in a lot of ways and it's 2005 and we're still debating whether or not to teach kids evolution!

But... I don't see a reason to flee yet, eventhough France is better than the US. We still have good works to do here.

As for Star Wars... I am also skeptical after the first two, but hopeful... this is Lucas' last chance, after all...
Mike M. | Homepage | 05.07.05 - 1:05 pm | #

Don't get too excited about Europe my friends. I hate to tell you that it's bad all over. They banned women from walking in public wearing bubkas in Belgium, no hair scarves in school for French girls and the "rambunctious boys" blowing up mosques in Holland just need more all my creative friends keep doing what you're doing and do it loudly wherever you are.
amani | 05.09.05 - 12:56 pm | #

THANK YOU for that perspective, Amani!!
a | Homepage | 05.09.05 - 2:54 pm | #

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