Mother's Day was fine. I kept remembering last year, and Tifanie's beautiful wedding, and how raw and broken I was in my heart. I came home late from the airport to find my Mom lying peacefully (rare at that time), blissfully happy from a day with my brother and sister-in-law and her grandchildren, who brought her outside and planted new flowers in her garden. It's amazing to think those plants are probably still alive there now, and flowering under her windows in their relentless push of life. I think that was the last time my Mom got out of bed, and I'm glad it was for a day filled with peace and joy and a vision of the future, with the children running and blowing bubbles into her hair. Warm affirmations of love flowed that night, under the soft glow of the reading lamp and the chemical contentment of Ativan. It was the calm in the storm, that Mother's Day, and I will always feel happy knowing her last one was beautiful.

If you want to drool over some new geek stuff, may I suggest this and this to amuse you?

This weekend I saw some good movies. I'm about 20 years late, but I finally saw The Wall on Saturday night, which I found to be completely gripping, especially because I'm not all that familiar with the music (yes, I grew up under a rock). We also saw Millions, which was just so adorable and I can't stop going around saying "Are you poor?" with that nutty backwater British accent the kid has.

My friend Don is currently traveling all over the world with a cruise ship on which he is a performer. He's blogging his experiences, which is pretty fun. I love the idea of being so unfettered as to set out on such a journey.

Yes, we are working hard on the music. Yes, it rocks. Yes, I love every second of working with my husband. Yes, I'm really benefiting from the voice lessons. Yes, I love it all. Yes, yes, yes.


Thank you for writing about all of that. Especially the yes's. It made me really happy.
ashleyface | 05.09.05 - 2:22 pm | #

I'm so happy to hear you share how happy you are right now. There is such a sense of peace that calmly energizes you when you are truly happy inside. Relish these moments and when you are hit by other events in life (and they will come) try to remember that calm you have at this moment and let it fill your body. Take from another mother - your mother is rejoicing knowing that you are loving where you are right now at this moment and happy. That's all a mother really wants - that and somebody to turn off the lights when they leave the room. As to the movies, I confess I'm almost 40, and I've never seen either one. Sadly, I find it harder to watch ANY movies these days. Plus, even if I make a note to watch those movies on your recommendation, my memory fades before I hit the rental place. Oh, well, I can always console myself with chocolate and lots of it!!
Cathy | 05.09.05 - 8:10 pm | #

Chocolate is the great equalizer. Thanks for your words, Cathy. You might want to rent Millions when it comes out on video, it's a family tale.
a | Homepage | 05.10.05 - 9:17 am | #

I'm so proud of you, Adriana. You are coming through strong, and bursting with new life, new movement, new creations. I clap for you with all my hands and feet.
tifanie | 05.11.05 - 6:45 pm | #

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