Look! One of my oldest, dearest brother-friends now has a blog up for reals. Gabe choc-full of Gabetry and Gabefoolery. Plus he's going to Japan so you can read about it.

I got NO SLEEP last night, except I guess for the short times I drifted off and DREAMED I WAS GETTING NO SLEEP. That's not very nice. I don't know what bug-a-boo was in the air but get it off me.

It's very hard to be coherent today, especially after such a busy weekend. I don't suppose any theatre geek out there taped Sondheim's Passion on PBS? Fuhh. Speaking of geekery, David found this thing called Konfabulator and now I have a sun and moon that move across my desktop to remind me there is a natural world of planetary movement going on outside my sterile cubicle walls. It's really, really nice to know what moonphase we're in and where the sun is in the sky. It reminds me of what I'm missing. *sigh*


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