I've been late on seeing a lot of movies that perhaps many of you take for granted, having seen them years ago. This weekend I finally made my acquaintance with Brazil, which was wonderfully and fantastically bonkers in the best way. It felt utterly contemporary, with its threats of terrorism and governmental paranoia. It left me feeling a bit nutty, off kilter, and able to joust with giant samurais.

Last night, though...last night we saw Wings of Desire. *gasp* So beautiful. Slow, meditative, angels over a divided and broken Berlin speaking in the poetry of Rilke...just gorgeous. I was shocked to find out after that the film had no script when it was shot, it was essentially environmental improvisation searching for a story (it got a nice one, one that was absolutely barbarized by its "remake" City of Angels). I highly recommend this film for dreaming (I dreamed a floor at a Hallmark store turned into a dragon and tried to eat me, but that's beside the point).


I would love to reaquaint myself with Wings of Desire myself. I absolutely went gaga for it when I saw it *gasp* 10 years ago. I've found that I'm having the most vivid dreams of my life in my pregnant state - would love for my mind to take me to that mythical angel world at night. I'll have to rent it soon!
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