I am a cello.

We made a lot of strong headway this weekend on the music. David was on fire. Inspiration was just pouring out of him. It's always a beautiful thing to watch. We worked almost nonstop. I attempted almost an entire day of vocals on Saturday and pretty much wore my throat out. That's ok, however, because the voice teacher on Sunday was fantastic and she kicked my butt up and down the block. I felt elated and uplifted. She told me my voice is a cello, and I've been trying to be a violin. I love this because David has always said this, too, and cello is his gig. I now have some wacky exercises and a lot of new confidence to push through this throat pain/emotional block. I think I'm having my Meatloaf moment. Better now than later.

A really amazing thing has happened, too. When I first started this blog, I was using different commenting software called yaccs. At some point I switched to haloscan and STUPIDLY DELETED MY YACCS ACCOUNT. I don't know why, but at the time it just didn't seem important, especially because I didn't understand that they could be archived. Well, in 2002, my mom had gone and read my blog and commented on all these old posts, and it was very positive and encouraging. I realized when she died that all those comments were lost to me, and I was devistated. Well, I wrote to the guy that handles yaccs last night and told him my story and asked if by any off chance they'd have them archived anywhere. This morning I got an email from Hossein (bless him) saying that he'd gone into his closet and found an old hard drive, plugged it in and it worked, and he found my old archive. I can hardly believe it. I went and tried to put the comments back in to their appropriate posts, although some might be slightly off. At any rate, I am so massively thankful to hear her voice and have her back in this space.

This world that is inside you...so mysterious, beautiful, eloquent -Mom, Apr 22 2002, 11:23 pm

God, I miss her.


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