There are not enough YAWPs in the universe to sound barbarically over the rooftops. I got a mysterious call at midnight last night, and the wallet is on its way back to me. I asked no questions, only thanked the angel that is bringing the very first love note from David back to me, along with my Mother's funeral prayer card, amongst other things. Angels, spirits, faeries, chaos, and order, I thank you. I hope the person knows what a karmic boon they've given themself (not a word, but why don't we have a gender neutral word for that?). I'm putting those things in a vault from now on.

Love and gratitude. Love and gratitude. Say it with me. Love and gratitude. Sing it. Love and gratitude.


I'm so glad to hear that someone out there has a heart. What a relief for you- yay!
tifanie | 03.23.05 - 9:00 pm | #

The Universe is great! When your hubby was a toddler and your borther-in-law about to join us, I lost my wallet in the Gila Wilderness (I left it on the trailer and we drove off!) It was returned to me completely intact,including the whopping $10 I had in it. There is goodness out there when we least expect it!
Ma | 03.24.05 - 10:16 am | #

I'm so glad a kind hearted person returned these sentimental items to you. Along with all the practical wallet items.
Lisa | 03.24.05 - 10:52 am | #

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