Oh Mercury, you are such a bastage. I went with my cronies to see DJ Sasha perform on Saturday night and somehow managed to get my wallet lost or stolen. Ok, that's fine, it's just a wallet...except it carried some very precious and irreplaceable pictures in it. I am an idiot for keeping something so dear in my wallet. Let it be a lesson to you all. Still, I am calling on the Universe to appeal to that person's conscience to get me my pictures back (and also not steal my identity, while they're at it). I've spent much of today scrambling to get my cards re-issued and stuff. Fun fun fun.

By the way, Tifanie, I had One Of Those Nights we had discussed on Saturday night. This one was better gotten through with deep breathing. Bluck.


Oh, honey. I hope your goodies come back to you. I had one of those nights on Saturday night, too. Poor lady.
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