I've been doing stuff.

I started working the buttons on our computer. I started recording and engineering the music myself. A world opened to me. I started shaping sounds myself, and conjuring. I started sitting in the Captain's Chair. It's really, really fun. I'm no David, he's a Lifer. But I'm a new recruit, and boy oh boy is it great to feel that power of steering the boat. That's why I've been Away. Two songs have gotten themselves written and recorded in the last week and a half. Spiffy.

Today I got to meet my lil' godchildangel, and she is a lovely little work of art. Her parents are so inspiring because they are Real. They are beautiful people making a new person with wit and care and love. Caitlin will be great because her parents are building her a strong foundation. That feels good to know the future is in good hands. I feel very happy and calm after holding that baby.

And then things like this happen, and I think to myself, "what a wonderful world." This woman was the bishop to that man's Jean Valjean. We shall see how he fares with these silver candlesticks in his hands. This is what it means to be Christlike.

Hubby's been working like a mad fiend at his new job but hopefully now the seas will be calmer. We've been spending the later nights with Larry David and his special brand of boor. We've seen some weird art and some weirder art. We saw a great band TWICE this weekend.

I'm feeling good. Come fly with me.


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