It is never more evident than on a day like today that many humans are willfully ignorant, superstitious dolts. Do you want to live under a regime where you will be legally and morally unable to die with dignity and comfort? No? Then you'd better take a good look at what is happening in Congress. I'm starting to get genuinely shiver-inducing worried about the coming four years (and their unending legacy). Where are the voices of sanity and reason? Where do we have to go to say NO to this crap? I'm horrified. There must be spiritual, righteous, and yes, religious people out there who can be a true voice for compassion instead of zealotry.

I also just found out, too, that that Pope last year denounced the cessation of nutrition/hydration for the dying as morally impermissable. How DARE anyone make such a claim? It pisses me off the most that no matter how hard my Mom tried to follow their labyrinthine rules, in the end she is going to their hell on a technicality. Rage. Any bets on wonder who the cat will drag in next?

People need to calm down and realize they're going to die and that's not a bad thing. It's built in.

Why doesn't our President and his minions take a look at the people being killed in his wars or in the genocide in Darfur? If he truly believes in a "culture of life" as he proclaims, then he'll end the death penalty and provide healthcare to every American. Those of us with eyes see right through you.


There is a secret difference they don't tell you about. They say "sanctity of life" but you don't hear the implied footnote of "well, life as we define it as meaningful and faith-driven." I hear, and this is shameless hearsay, but I did hear that recently in Texas a baby on life support was removed from it and allowed to die. The mother couldn't pay the hospital bill. Oh, and she was black.
tumtumtree | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 1:10 pm | #

PS. If I'm ever in a vegetative state and Trent Lott or whoever is keeping me alive, please find a way to give me morphine. A lot of it.
tumtumtree | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 1:14 pm | #

amen amen.

i wonder if this sanctity of life extends to the retarded people our president allowed to be executed?
a | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 2:24 pm | #

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