I logged in to AOL this morning to check my mail (still have an old holdover account for junk) and THERE WAS MY BROTHER ON THE MAIN PAGE, under a headline that read "Deduct Gambling Losses and Aspirin?" It was a stock photo I guess he took a few years ago. My brother is a model. When we were children, a photographer came to our house (when we still lived here in Orange County) to take photos of us in the back of his van. It was some kind of mobile studio for kid photos. I remember the photographer told my Mom that Daniel was gorgeous and could do commercials and modeling, and that they should get him an agent right away because he could be famous. As for Victoria and myself, well...*shrug*

My Mom decided against it in the end, citing the evils and perils of Hollywood youth, and we all moved to New Mexico anyway. My brother's gorgeousness, however, multiplied, and he managed to become famous in New Mexico anyway as a newscaster and a model. He has an agent and does shoots there and was even the Arizona Jeans boy for a while. I see him in magazines and marvel. This weekend he even had a very successful audition for The Apprentice. Meanwhile, Victoria and I toil in obscurity in Hollywood while brother seems to easily make his way to AOL's front page. Life is so deliciously ironic.

David's Mum is doing well, and thank you for the love. She'll probably have a surgery at the end of the month. She's really fortunate that they caught it this early. It's utterly different than Mom's situation, but all the bells go off anyway.


i saw the picture too! and remember well the VAN! You are too funny... can you imagine if he gets on the Apprentice???!!!
Aunt Maria
maria | 03.03.05 - 7:38 pm | #

Can we start calling him The Daniel? Or maybe you already do. Hi, Maria!
ashleyface | 03.03.05 - 8:49 pm | #

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