David's mom is doing well. They got it all out. I repeat, they believe they got it all out. It almost feels unfathomable. I think I understand the difference, now, between nutty globby cancers and cancers that make tidy hard tumors. She's still in hospital, recovering, but all is well. Last night consisted of a lot of exhaling, watching Muppets Take Manhattan (what? WHAT? Don't even act like you don't watch Muppet movies for comfort) and then passing out. Poor David was just tapped.

Dad went home yesterday, too. It's always wrenching, every time a parent leaves. Even if you're going to see them in a few months. It doesn't matter. You feel like you're tearing their heart out. Eh, it probably would even feel that way if they lived on the same block. Perhaps Christina can confirm this.


Glad to hear Cathy is doing okay. My love to all of you!
Gabriella | 03.30.05 - 1:12 pm | #

One of the great, unsung movies: Muppets Take Manhattan.

Remember what they say. It's not starting over, it's just going on...
tumtum tree | 03.31.05 - 10:37 am | #

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