Rest in peace, Arthur Miller. I experienced your work at just the right time in my life, where the systems and structures of what could have been an ordered existence were revealed for the lifeless artifices that they were. I will forever be thankful to you for that. I hope you find her on the other side, still protectress of the wild horses.


Ah, Arthur Miller... kind of a brilliant dramatist of two schools. He had the classic form down nd then he warped it. He's done some good experimental work. He's a titan. And he lasted so long and wrote until the end. We should be thankful for that.
Mike M. | Homepage | 02.11.05 - 6:34 pm | #

The Alley Theatre in Houston is doing an Arthur Miller Celebration. They just closed a beautiful version of "After The Fall" and are about to open "The Crucible." The end of a brilliant era in american theatre has just ended. May another candle ignite soon!
missy | 02.12.05 - 4:49 pm | #

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