Most important thing first: Pam and Kevin had their baby this weekend! Caitlin Noelle is 7 lbs...15? oz? (12? yeech...I can't remember) and apparently quite gorgeous with some browny/blonde hair and blue eyes. We have all been in anticipation of the young lady for quite some time and I can officially say Bibbity Bobbity Boo, I am officially a Fairy Godmother.

Whilst Pam and Kevin were in hospital up North doing that, I was in hospital at Cedars Sinai with my sister all night Saturday. She called me at 11 PM absolutely beside herself. She had a strange problem with her thumb. It was swollen to a large size and incredibly painful to the touch. Docs didn't seem to have any idea what was wrong but they drained it and installed a little drain to keep it from getting big again. Let me tell you something, if you ever have to get sick in LA, get sick at Cedars Sinai hospital, where there is actually VALET PARKING for the Emergency room. That place is lush.

Going to an emergency room on a Saturday night is currently up there on the Horror list with torture and Mexican prison. It was the last place on Earth I wanted to be. Victoria and I were both beside ourselves and I felt so bad because she just kept saying she wanted her Mommy. I had nothing to offer but my arms. She's doing alright now but it was a hard, hard night.

So anyway, no sleep Saturday night, which meant I spent all of yesterday sick as a dog with my old friend IBS. I had a whole valentinian date planned for David which we had to cancel. We just sat like lumps of flour in front of the TV, watching rented movies. We finally saw the Kill Bills and Napolean Dynamite and a whole lot of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

And then, guess what, we managed to not sleep last night, too! Why, you ask? Stress, for one. Oh, and I managed to give David food poisoning YET AGAIN with some questionable spaghetti sauce from the fridge (the fridge which now needs an offical Scourging). So we're both working on two nights with minimal sleep and intestinal problems. I actually took Ambien, too, and I STILL didn't sleep. Garumph. Can you tell I'm garumphy? Garumph.

Oh, but happy Love day anyway. Garumph.


Ambien is scary. Don't let it give you creepy memory loss black hole brain vaccums like it did to me.

Oh my god, I have to tell you something really exciting. I think I'm going to call you at home. (GASP!)
ashleyface | 02.14.05 - 5:21 pm | #

Ok, Happy Love Day, and sorry about the giant thumb and stomach maladies! Is your sister doing better? What the hell is going on with that fridge? And the not sleeping? You should sage that cursed refrigerator, and the rest of your cute abode. Maybe save it for the full moon on the 23rd, which also happens to be, ahem, ahem, my birthday. Feel better...
tifanie | 02.14.05 - 11:04 pm | #

yeah i was thinking it was time for a good sageing.

...aaaaand, thus ended my Ambien days.
a | Homepage | 02.15.05 - 9:15 am | #

I'm sorry, but the problem isn't that the food you're giving him is bad, you're just feeding him the wrong KIND of food. Instead of burritos and spaghetti, you need to go for ice cream. Have you ever heard of anyone having food poisoning from ice cream? Cookies would even be included in the safe food category. I mean, come on, oatmeal of chocolate chip cookies just don't go bad. Sure they might get crunchy, but a little dippin' in hot cocoa can solve that problem. So, lay off the so called "good" foods and start feedin' that boy safe food instead. It works for me!! (and the kids are so much happier )
Cathy | 02.15.05 - 4:43 pm | #

Or, it's that terrible realization tha spaghetti sauce, even jarred with all of its preservity goodness, doesn't last forever (especially if you've opened the jar). And, David has a sensitive constitution. And, come to think of it, so do you. I think you need a 2 day rule on leftovers, my friend.
Maielloclypse The Younger | Homepage | 02.15.05 - 6:13 pm | #

Is your refrigerator at the right setting? By the way, we loooooooove the sweet little thingie you sent us. Tis on
our fridge, come to think of it, and charming.
tifanie | 02.15.05 - 10:09 pm | #

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