I'm here at a new assignment for the next two weeks, supposedly answering someone's phone that never rings. Sweet. I'm back to a more laid-back environment, where the assistants air all their dirty laundry out in the open. The woman in the cubicle next to me has spent, I'm not kidding, the last TWO AND A HALF HOURS talking very loudly to some sad sack on the phone. The conversation:

"That's her decision. She chose that. You gotta let him go, girl. Mmmhmm. That's her decision. No. No. Mmmhmm. You gotta let him go, girl. Go to a doctor. That's her decision. Her decision. She chose that. You gotta let her make that decision."

Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

Ahhh, the good ole days of temping.

Yesterday ended rather abruptly, with my boss D so busy that I was only able to quickly say goodbye between meetings. After seven months of backbreaking work, at the last possible second, I got a "Bye, thanks." Indeed.

My co-worker, however, took me to lunch and brought me up to a dog park just under the Hollywood sign. It was a little sliver of heaven, and possibly the first place I truly fell in love with in Los Angeles. I had no idea that right above my house in the hills was this lake of shining waters and a huge field of green where doggies roam free. Thank god for rich people who let you hang out in their parks!


You can come hang out in this rich lady's park any time you want. You might even spot a few coyotes or bobcats while you're at it. Now you're not gonna see that in any LA park - thank goodness. Oh, and did I mention the adorable deer and antelope at play (cliches I know, but it's so true.) A person could just get lost in the peace here. Also, I promise my kid's conversations when they are playing sounds more interesting than the cubicle next door, and I'll bet she doesn't offer to bring you a cup of tea in the afternoon when you're grading papers. NM ain't so bad when you know where to go......
Cathy | 02.02.05 - 8:12 pm | #

thanks for the invite, from the land where seldom is heard a discouraging word.

actually, i live about two minutes from coyotes. they roam the mountains that back our part of town, and driving home through the hills each night through Griffith Park, i get to see them. i adore them. i haven't seen any deer or antelope (not bloody likely), but apparently there are a few mountain lions. it's a strange wildness right in the center of a metropolis.
a | Homepage | 02.03.05 - 9:36 am | #

You see coyotes nightly? Paint me a shade of green. I never get to see any but maybe I don't drive by the same spots and time as you do.

All I have to say about the woman in the next cube is you just gotta let her go, girl. That's her decision.
ch3lk | 02.03.05 - 11:54 am | #

mmmhmmm. go see a doctor!

yeah, we come home through griffith park. there are muchos muchos coyotes there. i love them. sometimes i just sit there during lunch to see them.
a | Homepage | 02.03.05 - 2:05 pm | #

ok. Sorry, but I don't sit to watch them unless I see them down the barrel.....you probably don't want to hear that. They seem to love our baby calves, so they are not enduring themselves to me right now.
Cathy | 02.03.05 - 4:23 pm | #

or endearing.
ch3lk | 02.04.05 - 7:35 am | #

that's her decision. she chose that. mmm hmmm. go see a doctor.
tifanie | 02.04.05 - 9:29 am | #

Well, if they are looking up the barrel, I bet they are not enduring either.
Lisa | 02.04.05 - 10:31 am | #

You gotta let him go, girl. Go to a doctor.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.04.05 - 11:42 am | #

Let him go to a doctor? Or her? Or both? Mmm hmm...
Lisa | 02.04.05 - 1:00 pm | #

A, you might listen to the conversations because it sounds like great material for a soap or something. You never know when you might need more cash someday. John and I used to say if you ever are bored go visit an ER waiting room. You'll hear the most interesting converstaions. Now, it sounds like your office might be the better spot for entertainment. Probably smells better, too.

OK. OK. Enough with the red ink on my comment. So, my fingers went fast than brain was thinking. Actually, if you saw the way I shoot, you might say they do endure a lot looking down my barrel. A lot of time.....their safest spot is probably at the end of my barrel.
Cathy | 02.04.05 - 1:28 pm | #

Ooops. I meant conversAtion, but thne yuo probabyl haev alreday correcetd thta mistkea yb nwo adn aer sdenign teh correctoin eevn as ew sepak.
Cathy | 02.04.05 - 1:33 pm | #

nce jbo whit teh tpos ctahy.
Mike M. | Homepage | 02.04.05 - 5:17 pm | #

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