Well, look at that. I leave you all alone for a few days and you get all polemic on me. You are all smarties and I appreciate you speaking honestly and with vigor about our current state of affairs. Please keep it up. Sometimes, when I try to argue, my facts tend to get overwhelmed by my emotions. I know from my gut when something is wrong, but dang if I can tell you why in words you can understand. I can tell you in colors and in abstract words and metaphor quite nicely, though.

Bush is bad thingy
must stop
world falling into
giant floor pie

See what I mean? Brilliant.

It looks like Paul Giamatti didn't get an Oscar nomination. Oh well. I'm also very disappointed (but not surprised) that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind didn't get a best picture or directing nod. It just means I get to keep it in my heart and own it fully without any of the rabble having at it. Humph.

David starts his job proper today. Yesterday was orientation. He got to have a tour of the lot and other funsies. Now he is officially a WB worker. It's still bizarre. He's more official than I am. He's got the coveted Green Badge, which lets him in to screenings and such. We hope to exploit the fun fully.

The Simpsons Season 5 on DVD is my current comedic saviour. I don't know what magic pixie drink those people were having when they wrote that year, but I want some.

What was I coming here to post about to begin with? OH RIGHT! We played Jenny's wedding this weekend. It ended up going really well. I always want to say that each wedding I've been to was the best wedding ever, but I realized: it always is the best wedding for those two people. This one was a liberal Catholic wedding - the priest was fantastic, acknowledging and hailing everyones gods and goddesses. People seemed to like the music, which was nice. The reception was at the swanky W Hotel, and it was DJ-ed very effectively by an iPod. They skipped the cake stuffing in face routine in favor of serving yummy cheesecake at the table. Nothing beats chocolate fountain, though, Tifanie.


This has nothing to do with your thoughts today but here is the explanation I have for your question of being too early for spring calves. It's all in how you look at it:

After winter glum
springs will come
so bulls have fun
see cows run
much too late
9 months to wait
end of winter's glum
small calves come

Kind of brilliant in a hay fever sort of way! (Think of my kids' birthdays. Remember Caleb was 3 months early. tee hee hee)

Way to go David. A, we all knew you were marrying him for his brilliance, now we see you just wanted to be able to tag along and have a grand time on his coat tails. Me, too. Nothing like a good bull sale to show a lady a good time. Be sure and wave at your first premier in case we're watching!
Cathy | 01.25.05 - 2:59 pm | #

I'm very sad about Paul Giamatti - but he was completely ripped off for not being nominated for American Splendor (one of the best acting jobs I've ever seen in my life and it made me into a lifelong fan of his) so I'm letting my feelings slip into Sideways. I also felt that Garden State deserved a nod for screenplay.
Missy | 01.25.05 - 3:27 pm | #

i still haven't seen Garden State, although apparently Greencine is mailing it to us right this very moment!

agree about Amercian Splendor, and Giamatti is an acting diety. i think he is still quite under the radar, though, to the bigwigs.

i'll tag on david's coat tails any day, cathy.
a | Homepage | 01.25.05 - 3:56 pm | #

Oh, fountain....mmm. I'm glad the music went well- of course it did. And super glad you will get to share in Davey's perks. Perks are goooood. Paul Giamatti is indeed the bomb- his SNL appearance was pretty top-notch- he's just spot on with everything. Plus it was clear he and Amy Poehler (comedic goddess who reminds me of you in so many ways!) were having a fantastic time in all their sketches, which made me xtra happy.
tifanie | 01.25.05 - 7:11 pm | #

I MISSED THAT, GODDAMMIT!! When was that??? RARRRRR! (i don't know what of amy poehler you see in me but i'll take that compliment and keep it in my pocket)
a | Homepage | 01.25.05 - 8:01 pm | #

It was on this Saturday night. You gotta be kidding about the Poehler thing. 1) Big expressive eyes. 2) Funny as hell 3) Similar cranial shape 4) Willingness to do goofy stuff 5) General vibe of wonderfullness.
tifanie | 01.25.05 - 10:22 pm | #

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