OK, so we did finally see Garden State last night. What a lovely, lovely film. It was a really hugely exciting thing to see what is one of my most favouritest songs (Frou Frou, "Let Go") being used as the emotional crux of the piece. I'm going to have to listen to the commentary on this one, because I have no idea how the hell he got this movie produced. Very inspiring.

Yesterday was my sweet little niece's 6th birthday. She said that she and her classmates had a parade around the school, wearing goggles and singing (to the melody of Hi Ho the Merry-O or whatever it's called) "A hundred days of school, a hundred days of school, that's how many days it's been, a hundred days of school!"

three more days of work
three more days of work
then they all can kiss my butt
three more days of work

...I have to go to a bowling party tonight with the Office. And I wish I meant David Brent and Finchie, but I don't.


I think it's "a hunting we will go."
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