I'm here ready to step through another door. I have no idea what is beyond. I keep moving forward, because that is all I can think to do. Doors close whether you want them to or not.

One more day of job left. I'm dotting my i's.


Ahhhhhhhhhh...........have a lovely last day. Savour the unknown, full of infinite possibilities. And maybe hide a small, terribly perishable item away in your bosses desk.

And do take the rest of the week of, at least.
tifanie | 01.31.05 - 11:07 pm | #

And steal the tape dispenser! They're very useful and you're unlikely to buy one on your own. I mean, who buys a tape dispenser?
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.01.05 - 7:32 am | #

That or a stapler. Or a three ring hole punch. Or a moveable type machine. You never buy one of those on your own but you always end up needing one at some point.
ch3lk | 02.01.05 - 8:04 am | #

Yeah, such things are not purchased, they are harvested or gathered.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 02.01.05 - 8:41 am | #

oh i know, believe me. what i especially love and covet is the tape gun.
a | Homepage | 02.01.05 - 9:03 am | #

The stapler...don't forget the stapler....think Office Space...think stapler
Gabriella | 02.01.05 - 10:54 am | #

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