I have hit the proverbial Wall with the album. I'm luxuriating in feeling sorry for myself at the moment, believing that I will never work it out and I'll never figure out how to write a song again. I'm pretty depressed.

Yes, we did get some wonderful work done this weekend, and the song we recorded is fantastic. But that song has never been the problem. That song is one of those songs that gets dictated to you from the angels and you're done writing it in ten minutes. I can't wait for people to hear it.

I'm now at the sticky part. I have to decide whether or not to go back into the depths of the mountain. I guess I have, excuse me, a Balrog to fight. I wonder if I even have the strength or skill to try.

I genuinely wouldn't be so concerned if I felt I had time on my side. If I had all day to work on music, if this was our Job, I would say, "OK, time to work." But, friends, and I know you know what I mean here, working a full time job and trying to make good art is a bootch.

Waaa waaa waaa.

Alright, I'm done whining. On with it.

In other news, today is David's last day of work in his job of oppression. Skumps! He starts his new job Monday. We're playing a wedding this weekend, which will be our first gig in a year and a half. It's hard to imagine, but it's true. I'm getting used to being a hermit, thank you very much.


Ok, that wedding site is a bit out of control, I have to say. But I hope you have a wonderful time performing, my dear.

Anyhoo, about that wall. I'd suggest going for a nice day hike up the mountain, rather than into the obvious openings. You might find a nice cool cave that winds it way in, or even a fireman's pole you can slide down right into the muck. The element of surprise is much advised when facing Balrogs.

I hope you beat the shit out of it, and scare it away in the end.
tifanie | 01.19.05 - 9:39 pm | #

i love you.
a | Homepage | 01.20.05 - 3:52 pm | #

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