David and I got sent home early yesterday due to the storms and flooding, so we took those stolen moments to go see Phantom again. It was every bit as lovely and flawed and ridiculous and wonderful as I'd thought. I could get really bitchy and go into extreme detail about all the silliness/wrongness in it, but you know what, it doesn't matter. It makes me happy and that's what counts.

I started a different drug today for my ear problems (stillll going), and now I feel all spacey flacey wacey and whacked out. I just want to sleep. Last night's sleep involved awful dreams. I consulted a nutritionist in New Mexico, and she said that bad dreams were a direct result of tumult in your body. She said that generally healthy types don't tend to have nights filled with dreams that "feel like work". Seems interesting, have no idea if it's true or not. Do your dreams feel like work?


I really rarely remember my dreams. Last night's felt like work, because, well, I *was* working. But 90% of the time, I don't even remember them. Being utterly *un*healthy, I have to assume that I'm past the point of work-dreams and am now on to white space dreams.
Maure | 01.11.05 - 12:37 pm | #

Not to be totally dorky about this comment, but... I think Morpheus gives good and bad to the healthy and unhealthy alike.

Though, feeling dizzy all the time can't help. And, I guess we've all had fever dreams and the like and they have a different quality.

So, as to your nutritionist, I say "kind of." Because she's just a nutritionist while I've read comic books.

And, in a sense, dreams are work. It takes the mind a lot to come up with some of that stuff.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 01.11.05 - 2:26 pm | #

In general, my dreams don't feel like work. Unless I have been doing something terribly repetitive during the day, then I frequently dream about that repetitive activity.

Otherwise, they are usually not "bad" dreams. I do have a handful of themes that I dream about often. Sometimes I will have a cycle of one theme and then don't dream of that again for a long time. I have a very active dream life, though and frequently remember them clearly.
Lisa | 01.11.05 - 3:00 pm | #

I happen to be one of the lucky 1% that has long swirling colour dreams 50% of the time, 30% of which make me feel weird when I wake up. 10% of the time.
d | Homepage | 01.11.05 - 4:45 pm | #

Swirling colour as in abstract dreams? Or dreams that have some sort of sequence (even if convoluted) and happen to be in color? I have heard that most people dream in black and white, but I have NEVER dreamt in B&W, so I doubt the veracity of this claim.
Lisa | 01.11.05 - 6:41 pm | #

I sometimes dream of work, when work sucks. Like now. But I often dream of places that I have been to before, but only in dreams. It's like, "oh, this place again." Often it is direction based. (The apocalyptic wasteland in the South. That cave with a natural hot spring in it if you go west on that one road. The mysterious forest of the East.)

And last night, as a matter of fact, I dreamed of you and David in the Northern Place, which has a sort of abandoned rambling white marble CastleChurch, where people sing, and wear long robes, and tell fantastic tales. (I know it sounds like a Ren Fair, but it's much cooler, really.) You told me the story of someone I'd forgotten, and as you told the story, I got to see it like it was a movie.

It was nice to see you in my dream.
tifanie | 01.12.05 - 1:01 am | #

alas, my dreams feel like a terry gilliam movie: something i'd gladly pay $8 to see at the movie theater, but nothing i want playing out in my head.
byronicwoman | Homepage | 01.12.05 - 6:04 am | #

Now, that's funny.
tifanie | 01.12.05 - 9:37 am | #

100% abstract. No real world anything. Not even in terms of a 3D space. Just sort of 2Dish swirling colours like I'm looking at a painting but it's not confined to the "area" of a painting. Like the following but moving:

http://www.primefocus-iowa.com/ S...rlingAurora.jpg

http://education.nyu.edu/art/smw...www/ color_1.jpg

http://www.expressionsartglass.c...ages/ Kok30V.jpg

http://www.theinsaneasylum.com/m...rling% 20goo.jpg
d | 01.12.05 - 12:19 pm | #

i'd think you'd be afraid to go to sleep at night, Coop.
a | Homepage | 01.12.05 - 12:46 pm | #

kok30v looks neat.

I've heard that you remember your dreams if you've woken up during your rem sleep. So if you often remember your dreams then you are not sleeping very well. NO clue as to the veracity of this idea but I can say that when I'm totally wonked for the night I generally don't remember my dreams and when I have a restless night I remember them more.

we can argue pragmatic-dreams-are-the-brain-defragging-from- the-day vs. Jungian-dreams-actually-mean-something-and-are- you-trying-to-tell-yourself-something-really- important-which-you-wouldn't-hear-if-it-said-it- during-the-daytime for hours and hours. But all I can say is as much as my dreams shake me up I would rather remember them as something to ponder than not remember them.
ch3lk | 01.12.05 - 1:06 pm | #

Well, since I haven't slept a full night in 2 1/2 years, the waking during REM is entirely probable. I really hate waking up and almost remembering a dream, but not being able to conjure it back up. However, I would trade really good sleep for not remembering for awhile!
Lisa | 01.12.05 - 4:30 pm | #

Alas, my dear friend, that time will come and believe it or not, after a few months a sleep filled nights, you'll be wishing for those sleepless nights again, but it will only come in the way of old age and weak bladders.
Cathy | 01.12.05 - 8:26 pm | #

what the...is this because of babies that you haven't slept, lisa?
a | Homepage | 01.13.05 - 9:20 am | #

Since Lisa hasn't answered yet, I'll take a guess at what she'll say. YES!!!! For some reason, nobody has been able to come up with a way to get those sweet darlins here and sleeping for 10 hours at a time. My four darlins and I spent breakfast laughing and talking about all of our weird dreams lately. It was a great way to start the day - lots of endorphins flowing through our bodies for all the laughter. Not sure if it was the dreams of sleepless nights or both.
Cathy | 01.13.05 - 10:06 am | #

Yes. Isabel has only slept for a full night about 4 or 5 times and those nights, I woke up, because I was so worried that she wasn't waking up. 10 hours Cathy? I would happily take 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Oh, that this baby will be a better sleeper...
Lisa | 01.13.05 - 10:44 am | #

Just give them lots of drugs. Mostly downers.
d | Homepage | 01.13.05 - 11:04 am | #

Actually, Mom (your Aunt Rhoda) says you just need to rock them to sleep every night. Of course, use a big enough rock and she swears they'll sleep all night. Lisa, trust me, one night you too will have the chance to sleep 10 hours. I just hope you don't do what I did and still find yourself waking up on schedule. It is better now - 4 years later. We should really quit talking like this. I believe one of the gals that reads this blog is expecting #1. We're going to scare her. teeheee heee
Cathy | 01.13.05 - 1:32 pm | #

Scare sounds so negative. I prefer the to call it enlightening.

David, I have a better idea. I will take the downers, then I can sleep through the crying.
Lisa | 01.13.05 - 2:31 pm | #

i think all my hair just fell out, just by reading this discussion.
a | Homepage | 01.13.05 - 2:39 pm | #

See, I'm so tired, I can't even type correctly.
Lisa | 01.13.05 - 3:09 pm | #

So, sorry Adriana. It could have been worse. We could have gone into a deep discussion on the actual childbirth, nursing, illnesses, discipline, etc, but then this would have become a discussion on nightmares. Or it could have made you begin to see what you consider nightmares as only dreams. Either way, I'm with Lisa, these are the kinds of discussions we have not because we like them, but because we are sleep deprived!
Cathy | 01.13.05 - 4:03 pm | #

Me again.....I just had a thought.....I have all this wonderful land now, maybe, just maybe I could come up with a garden full of my own "remedies". Lisa, I could maybe send you a few. If not, I hear that old time farmers used to keep something called a still or something like that....Hmmmmm, I think there is some corn in the barn that the cows haven't eaten yet....something to consider for a science project! Ah, the opportunities of home schoolers!!!
Cathy | 01.13.05 - 4:04 pm | #

SWEET! you should totally do that!! send it to us city folk!
a | Homepage | 01.13.05 - 4:07 pm | #

By Blogger adriana, at Thursday, October 04, 2007 12:31:00 PM  

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