What a wonderful weekend. We worked like little busy bees and made the honey come dripping out of the hive. I'm so thankful for music. I finally got the take, by the way. Voice slowly returning. Chugga chugga. David mixed till his eyes bled, and yum yum yum, I think you all will be happy. It's just a smidgen. A chunk. It's only one perspective of what the album will be. An older perspective, maybe. There are different facets. These are the outsiders, taking center stage for just this one holiday. The rest of the album is a little bit more of a storybook that you can't just walk into without reading from the beginning. At least, that's how I see it in my head.

And plus, we saw Jane Siberry on Saturday night. I got to tell her things about how she's affected my life. It's weird, when you meet the Them, the ones who really have sculpted your emotional landscape. There's no way to really impart the impact.

I am doing well. I am doing well because I am working on music. I knew music was going to get me through this, and now that it's finally happening, I am carried forward with the hope it affords me. I am going to get through this Christmas. Here's one reason: my beautiful Aunt Maria has started a memorial scholarship fund in my mother's name. It seems hard to imagine, but it's really happening. It's the most fitting tribute I can imagine.


It IS hard to meet the them, isn't it? And, whenever I tend to meet them, it tends to be as ajournalist and I don't want to leave them worried about what insane fanboy will write, so I try to play it cool. And cool has never been one of my strong points. I can do nice. But cool? Hurm.
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