We've already gotten an offer from an internet radio station to play Labyrinth. Sheesh! First hilarious feedback: it's like I wanna be at a rollercade in middle earth!



Why act surprised? You are The Endless, after all. This Internet thingy bows to you! Or... should.
Mike M. | Homepage | 12.15.04 - 1:28 am | #

i'm not acting, i'm genuinely surprised. it's just a holiday demo. demos are like little children without coats in snowstorms. it's kind of cruel to make them go out there, but fun to watch them shiver.

that's kinda sick, huh.
a | Homepage | 12.15.04 - 11:53 am | #

It's weird, for sure. The song is gorgeous. Very otherworldly, though I wouldn't say a middle-earth rollercade. Maybe a medieval disco, though. Yeah. Medieval disco.
tifanie | 12.15.04 - 6:28 pm | #

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