Tonight, Hubby and I get to go see Caroline or Change at the Ahmanson. I know next to nothing about it but it is a Kushner thing so it ought to be interesting. We got freeeee tickets from his work, which is just smooshalicious. Also, this weekend, goddess of all the universe will be here, and she will save my soul (again).

Am having extreme vocal angst. Can't stand sound of own voice. Don't think there's anything to do about it except keep going forward and hope that we can come to a reckoning. Very much having the "I have no business trying to do this" thing. Someone slap me.


You crazy girl! You have the most beautiful voice, just like your mom. (heart heart)
ashleyface | 12.02.04 - 5:51 pm | #

Mike M. | Homepage | 12.02.04 - 8:34 pm | #

tifanie | 12.02.04 - 10:55 pm | #

I would slap you, but since you have already gotten two, I don't want to be responsible for any virtual bruises you would be sporting for your weekend gallavanting!
Lisa | 12.03.04 - 7:42 am | #

rather than slap the crap out of you I would like to squeeze your little face in my hands and in my best baby talk voice say, "are you nutty?"
amani | 12.03.04 - 8:11 am | #

Oh, baby! I've been waiting for a valid reason for this for 14 years!

d | 12.03.04 - 1:08 pm | #

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