I'm going to be a Faery Godmother!!!!!! I blubbered like an idiot when they asked. I'm so honored. I'm so humbled. I'm so blubbery. But not in a whale-like way.

It's good when people Know you. And Trust you. And Get It.

I like that.

Yesterday was the first day in two months that we had a Day Off, so to speak. We sludged around and played video games and saw a movie (Closer) and celebrated. It was much needed relaxation after working our eyeballs and earballs out.

Going "home" Wednesday night. All bets are off on what that means. David's lifelong home was sold two weeks ago, his parents have taken up residence in the country. My parents'...my Dad's house is the Great Unknown, and we have to stay there. We are already booked solid with varying factions for the Yule Tide. Then the Going Through of Mom's Things begins. I shudder. Isn't Christmas ever so much fun? At least there are six (I count Maya, whom we might meet?) glorious children waiting to be seen and played with.

Last night I dreamed I had wings. Huge, Angels in America-style wings. I was only indoors, though, which was rather cumbersome. There's nothing worse than waking up and realizing you can't fly after all.


WEEEEE. I can't wait till you guys get here. I know you will be very very busy with Yule things and family and I'm sure there will be lots of people clamoring for visits and stuff, but hopefully you'll be able to play with me and Joel sometime while you're here? Looking forward to Sunday! (heart heart)
ashleyface | 12.20.04 - 4:08 pm | #

Oh honey- I hope this will be cleansing and rejuvenating for you. I send little bursts of holiday oomph to you.
tifanie | 12.20.04 - 10:06 pm | #

We are so honored to have your beautiful self in our Pumpkin's life. I know that she'll adore you. And we'll all head off to Disneyland WAY too soon for her to truly appreciate it... but we'll all have a ball!

And I'm sending you lots of white beams to surround you and your bubble. I'm sure the sweet little babies and lovely friends there will be LOTS of help in bearing you up and through.
Pammikins | 12.21.04 - 9:45 am | #

We're waiting for you
Gabriella | 12.21.04 - 1:53 pm | #

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