I just held a baby doggie in my hands right here in the office, and I feel a bit consecrated. He smelled like baby powder, I swear. Dogs make me so happy, it's nutty.

I often forget that I work at Warner Bros. In my mind, it's often just The Man. Yesterday, though, I had such a beautiful moment. I was walking to lunch (I work on the Lot) through the town square that is currently the home of the Gilmore Girls but used to be the Music Man set (oh Robert Preston!)and all sorts of silly and cool places. A private tour was going through a side street and I heard someone say, "This is the last remaining set from Casablanca. This is Paris." I felt like I got punched in the gut. What a wonderful place to be, really.

I'll always have Paris.

Put your money where your mouth is, Red States.

Heading back to the dust bowl today. I'm sure it will be New Mexcillent. To all of those friends who are going to be out there, please call me on my cell and we will try to get together. I hope you have my cell number because I'm not posting it here, fools. Email me if you need it.

The Sun, or the Son, has returned. May all of your lights shine brightly in these longest of nights.


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