I don't know about all of you all, but I have at least one song, often several, running in my head at all times. It can be incredibly soothing, and sometimes massively aggravating to the point where I can't sleep due to some fragment of a song screaming loudly in my head on repeat. When it's a song that you don't even like or necessarily know very well, it is even worse. NPR dubbed them "earbugs," I think because smart white people don't like to admit they listen to Pop. Last night, David's earbugs that he transferred to me included "Like a Prayer" and "Rapper's Delight."

Currently in my head: ...well crap, I started typing "Like a Prayer" and now it's back.

Aaaaaand...what song is in your head....RIGHT NOW?


"Like a god damned muther farking prayer" I loaned my iPod-like device to Charles Skelton for his massive funness into the Outback-And-To-The-Left. He put on his crazy techno babble jungle music. When I got it back, it had all the tunes still on it including a cover of "Like a god damned muther farking prayer" by Madonna. I was the idiot that listened to it. Can't remember who it was. Skinny Puppy or Revolting Cocks. Somethingn like that. Bastard.
d | 12.16.04 - 11:23 am | #

Also, I posted in the wrong place so read Monday, December 13 for the answer to your blabberings about why you are all FORBIDDEN!!!!!!!!!
d | 12.16.04 - 11:25 am | #

Also, the incomprehensibly bizarre line from Rapper's Delight:

to the beat that it makes you freak
and come alive girl get on your feet
a like a perry mason without a case
like farrah fawcett without her face

d | 12.16.04 - 11:36 am | #

Your cd, right now, Simply Sleep, and it's just lovely. Thank you so much for the gift. I love it so much.
Maure | 12.16.04 - 12:52 pm | #

thanks...now I have Rapper's Delight...thanks D...thanks a lot! If you're lucky maybe you'll hear my brother's great performance of Karaoke Rapper's Delight when you're in town
Gabriella | 12.16.04 - 1:49 pm | #

bring it, john duran.
a | Homepage | 12.16.04 - 2:38 pm | #

Well, now it's LIKE A PRAYER, thank you VERY much...
But before that I think it was "Birdhouse in Your Soul" or "Too Hot to Handle"
Don | Homepage | 12.16.04 - 3:31 pm | #

You guys headed to NM for Christmas? So are me and Jess. Shall we try and hook up? Song in my head: "Ring of Fire" and I don't know why. But I went down, down down...
Mike M. | Homepage | 12.16.04 - 3:42 pm | #

"I wanna rock right now, I'm Rob Base and I came to get down.

I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone, cuz I get stupid, I mean outrageous, stay away from me, if you're contagious, cuz I'm a winner, no no not a loser, to be an MC, is what I choos-uh.

Ladies love me girls adore me, even the ones who never saw me like the way that I rhyme at a show. The reason why? Well I don't know, so let's go cuz-

It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight."

Yes, that and Rapper's delight are always playing somewhere in my mind.

And I love it.
tifanie | 12.16.04 - 7:14 pm | #

God damn you, Don. After watching GIGANTIC, I had various TMBG songs deeply lodged in my head for 9 FRELLING WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for adding to my pain.
d | 12.16.04 - 7:14 pm | #

Tifanie, Rob Base owes you a dollar.
Mike M. | Homepage | 12.16.04 - 10:25 pm | #

Right now your holla-day holiday CD is in my head. And I like it. Thanks so much!
Mike M. | Homepage | 12.17.04 - 11:12 am | #

They might be giants, but what're we gonna do unless they are?
Don | Homepage | 12.17.04 - 11:29 am | #

Randy Travis singing "Jingle Bell Rock", which is odd because I dislike popular country music and dispise the over commercialization of "The Holidays".... but still, he and his band sounded like they had a blast recording this version of the song....
Michael Birdsong | 12.17.04 - 12:46 pm | #

Listen, Don. Either shape up or ship out. I'm all into using bygone expresions these days. Like "swell" and "so's your old man."
d | 12.17.04 - 1:18 pm | #

trouble. trouble. trouble. trouble.
a | Homepage | 12.17.04 - 1:21 pm | #

I'm sorry. I'll just be over here with my Bevo, Cubebs, and Taylor Mades...

Which now sound like band names. . .
Don | Homepage | 12.18.04 - 11:02 am | #

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