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Most people I know right now were really knocked out by last week physically and emotionally, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out and then were silent...or silenced...

Many are going on journeys right now. Some of them are internal, some of them external. I can't quite direct you to the internal ones, but here are a few who are travelling our world: Gabe has just made his way to Japan to follow his dreams and is blogging about it. Chuck has just started a site to share with us his journey to New Zealand, which starts next week. David and I are leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow morning to do something extremely nerdy but fun. Uncle Neil will make it better somehow.

I took today off of work and am getting a lot of preparations done before the trip. I have to do all sorts of rain dances in order to fly with this ear problem. I deserve a pedicure, goddammit.


Have you seen this?


Mimi | 11.11.04 - 3:38 pm | #

Tell Neil that Mike from Forbes says hi. And, have fun.
Mike M. | Homepage | 11.11.04 - 4:30 pm | #

d | 11.11.04 - 5:23 pm | #

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