things i'm thankful for:

*david *robins *all of you *hospice nurses *pumpkins *coyotes *talismans *the Merovingian (my car) *white shawl *Ricky Gervais *beeflog *babies *Hope *Rosie the One-Day Dog *tears *dark chocolate *EarPlanes *health *seriously, all of you* iPod *breakfast *kindness of strangers *being there when it mattered most *mi familia *disguised holy water *Starbucks Mochaccino popsicles *friends' blogs *Aveda Institute *Poe's Haunted *Griffith Park *blue state *MOTU *surviving eating the Sunbird *brining *my voice *dreams *Totoro *...not finishing this post because I'm being let out of work early


to continue the 'thankful for' list:

*Thomas Newman compositions *Kasey Cha mbers covering a Hank Williams tune *loving someone so much that it brings tears to your eyes *the chance to make someone's day happier

(yes, I this is my first ever post here)
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