So, at last, a few pics from the trip on the Fun page. We didn't really end up taking too many pictures, but you get an idea.

The main thing was, I made it there and back again with ears intact. I took all the drugs and wore the special earplugs (Earplanes, I recommend them) and I really felt great. For the weekend the pain and pressure in my ears were alleviated, which was a blessed, blessed release.

We took surface streets from the airport so we could see the town. Kerry/Edwards signs still dotted the front yards in sharp defiance. Blue states, we love you! Minneapolis is one cool town. Some would say frigid. I enjoyed it. We didn't see much more than the downtown, but it was a city that felt alive. Its old buildings had all been lovingly preserved and mixed well with modern glass skyways connecting the buildings so you never have to walk outside. Restaurants were filled with mixed ethnicities (I gotta say though, the whiteys there are Aryan white - everyone is blonde, and not in a Hollywood bleached way) and openly gay couples. It was only a quick glance but it seemed pretty nice, this town.

We arrived at the hotel to find a throng of Neil-ers getting all revved up. It was at that moment that I realized I was at a Fan Convention, not an Artist's Inspiration Weekend. Well, duh, Adriana. I'm not really a Collector of Stuff, see. Not anymore. When I was young I was, but time and small spaces and good sense have broken me of the habit. These people were such avid collectors that they ended up raising $45,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund through auctioning of rare Sandman goods. Nutty.

Still, we had such a great time. Neil came in Friday night and said "well, I was going to read to you from my new book but instead I'm going to read you this story I wrote after the election." He went on to read this amazing allegory for our current state of affairs, told through an Epicurean Club who manage to eat everything they've ever found including a Phoenix. Hopefully it'll get published so I won't have to explain further.

Saturday morning, David and I stole away to the Aveda Institute and got ourselves 90 minute facials. It was heavenly. David came out looking like he'd shen 10 years through exfoliation. I've never placed enough importance in my life on these indulgences but I'm finding they are so worth it.

Todd Klein (letterer extraordinaire) is truly a genius and it really is quite a beautiful thing to watch him work. Jill Thompson and Caitlin R. Kiernan were there to tell stories of drawing/writing Sandman stuff, and that was fantastic. They brandished fanged and three-eared bunnies.

Anyway, I went looking for a Hope and and Inspiration, and I certainly got it. I learned I am stronger than whatever small illnesses are haunting me. I was reminded by Neil that the only thing to do through our anger and our pain and our joy is to keep creating. That was his advice. Keep making art.

Keep making art.

I can do that.


You can do that.
Maielloclypse the Younger | 11.19.04 - 12:18 pm | #

so can you.
a | Homepage | 11.19.04 - 1:12 pm | #

Cool. Let's do it!
Mike M. | Homepage | 11.20.04 - 10:26 am | #

*don't say orpheus, don't say orpheus*
a | Homepage | 11.20.04 - 11:25 pm | #

Let`s ROCK! This party never stops, you just gotta mingle sometimes.
gabe | 11.21.04 - 5:00 am | #

No pressure on Orpheus. I do believe, at the right time, that the idea is the ultimate concept album for The Endless. But... We have to find the right time. I only meant, in saying what I said, that we both need to keep fightin' the good fight. That said, I do want to write the Orpheus idea someday. And... I want to do it with you and David. When that can happen, I'll make myself available, belie' dat, playa.
Mike M. | Homepage | 11.21.04 - 2:41 pm | #

that's an awful lot of money for the CBLDF. cool. i love those pics. neil looks great. and david's face is all shiny. and adriana... you may very well be the most beautiful girl in the universe.

and destiny is putting on weight.
Shawn | Homepage | 11.22.04 - 11:05 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Thursday, October 04, 2007 12:00:00 PM  

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