Hubby is back. YAY!!

This weekend was a whirlwind of celebration. First of all, we found out that my cousin Christina is pregnant! This is the Unexpected Baby #3, which, I gotta say, I too was the third unexpected child, so I'm excited. David's cousin Lisa posted an ultrasound pic of their unexpected third as well, a third girl, no less.

Yesterday was my sweet little nephew's 4th birthday, too. He had a Thomas the Tank Engine party, of course! His mom makes these amazing theme cakes. I would venture to say that she is a Master Theme Cake Maker. We're talking Barbie with the cake as the huge dress-style cakes. I'm sure the Thomas was another masterpiece. I sent him something rather momentous: a Luke Skywalker action figure. You all remember your first Luke, don't you?

Saturday I attended the bridal shower of my friend Jenny, and it was so lovely. This is one couple that just belong to each other and I feel honored to be able to sing at their wedding in January (hubby on cello). They are hep and cool and have a website for their wedding, which I guess is the Thing To Do nowadays. In My Day, 6 years ago, we didn't have any dang wedding websites. We had to walk barefoot to our registries uphill in the snow both ways. Sheesh, kids these days.

Sunday, photographer Mimi Ko and I threw a baby shower for Pam (I told you this weekend was nuts). I've never done such a thing, but we managed to pull it off, and with great aplomb. Classic Pooh was everywhere, and nice flowers and a pretty cake shaped like a present. Mimi took polariods of everyone and put them in a memory book that we all signed. We played silly games, too (for which I'm not sure Pam will ever forgive me). We also had a gorgeous guest book where we wrote blessings for the baby. Pam got some very unique gifts that only an extremely cool future mum might get. We got to read a powerful prayer for her as well. Hoorah!

AND, while all this is going on, Husband was producing some beautiful freakin music that might come to your mailboxes sometime soon. If you have any sense about you, you will swoon at his amazingness. Time to get my vocals down. Time time time. Time tells me that a year ago I was in Omaha, holding my Mama's hand through despair. Dad and I spent Thanksgiving in the hotel lobby wishing we were a thousand miles away. The wheel turns.

Coming up: Thanksgiving (Dad's coming and staying with us this week), and then Victoria's birthday on Monday. CALGON! the way, anyone know how to cook a turkey? (don't answer that)

PS- Mike, I know, and I was kidding, and I agree, and you're lovely.


I know you didn't want a response to the turkeys...BUT if you would like to know how to make a FRUIT turkey I'd be glad to show you my expertise
Gabriella | 11.24.04 - 7:59 am | #

Dude, I am SO doing fruit turkeys. In your honor, of course.
a | Homepage | 11.24.04 - 9:15 am | #

By Blogger adriana, at Thursday, October 04, 2007 11:59:00 AM  

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