Well, I know, and I appreciate the concern, but I was just venting. I don't take crap from anyone anymore, I promise. This assignment is probably almost over, so I will stay for the moment. I can't imagine it lasting longer than a few more weeks. But I can't be forced to care in any way, nor can I be made to feel bad if I make some little mistake.

I just realized that I wanted to be anonymous. That's exactly what's happening. I can't be mad that I'm just manifesting what I wanted. Wow. It's time to manifest myself into a recording contract.

That brings me to the fact that I am in the midst of a dark fog that is this upcoming album. I know there is terrain around me, but I can't make it out just yet. The unrelentingly fantastical Gabe visited this weekend and in a few short hours managed to get me all riled up with his current burst of creative energy. I want some! Gimme! David writes these beautiful songs and I sit and stare at them, wondering how many ways I can fit the word "vomit" into it. That's no good.

I promise, this won't be a vomit album. At least not in any overt way.

On a side note, my Sims are coming along nicely. There are some time continuum problems, however. People tend to grow old and die before their children have grown up (imagine that), and somehow Daniel is way older than all of us, and we're all named Tortoreto instead of Rowe, which is kind of beautiful. David came out looking like he has slight retardation, but apparently young Adriana Tortoreto (who has been saved from the Grim Reaper 3 unbelievable times!) didn't hold that against him, because they fell in love immediately. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're a better person than I.

I heart Huckabees
. I really do. You should, too.


>I can't be mad that I'm just manifesting what I wanted.

You wanted to be treated with disrespect and abusiveness?

That's a whole different ballgame than anonymous, babe. Walk off the field. I know from experience that it cannot be helping you heal. On the other hand, all things in their time. You're reckoning. That's the beginning.


Pammikins | 10.26.04 - 10:07 am | #

Nah, it's that wish for annonymity, which many in power are more thanwilling to grant. It has its up and downsides when it's granted. Sometimes, it's a relief and sometimes you find yourself running, ghost-like through Pottersville, wondering why people don't knwo you. Well, I'm in a mood today, aren't I?
Maielloclypsetheyounger | Homepage | 10.26.04 - 3:59 pm | #

Mary! Don't you recognize me, Mary?
a | Homepage | 10.27.04 - 9:36 am | #

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