squeee All I can say is that I'm glad her album has nothing to do with parental death. Beekeep away, Tori.

So, it's Halloweenish day at work, and the mail guy just came buy in a full-on Stormtrooper outfit. He looked great. When he left, my co-worker said, "so was that the good guy or the bad guy?" !!! I said, "what's wrong with you?" She said, "well, if he was bad, why isn't he dressed in black?"

I'll leave you to contemplate that.

As if you needed a reason to Vote That Evil Bastard Out Of Office, here are a few more. If you're worried about your eternal soul, click here. If you're worried about the fate of the known universe, click here.

...and I just got in trouble for "not doing enough work." cry.


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