I'm sitting at my desk with a huge acorn squash and a butternut squash that my co-worker Sara brought for me from her parents' garden in Illinois. They're so bright and luscious. They're saying, "there are fruits of this year, whether you can bear them or not."

I'll partake.

After all, what have I else to do? This is where I am, this is what I am. Last night during the meditation part of my yoga/pilates class...I met myself. I don't know where she was on the time continuum, but she had come to check in. I think she was me at 14. I remember writing a letter to myself back then, to my older self, asking if I had followed my dreams and remained an artist and such. Anyway, I was lying there and just got the clear sense that that other me was very happy with what I'd become. Truly. Then she reached in to my head and started pulling out the virus that's been pulling me down for so long. I saw it leave me in a yellow trail of yuck. Today, I'm genuinely feeling a lot better.

It's like the dust bunnies in My Neighbor Totoro...they're slowly leaving the house. They have a certain cuteness but they've got to go.


So glad to hear it. This has been a very trying, but cleansing couple of days for me, as well. Enjoy the harvest of all good things.
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