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Food poisoning sucks. Food poisoning sucks really hard when you're the only one at the office trying to make your boss's MASSIVE trip to every freakin country in Asia go off without a hitch, when there are hitches everywhere. To sum up: food poisoning sucks.

It's because of meat, I think. My acupuncturist said to eat meat, so I bought some and froze it for about a month and then cooked it on Sunday. I think I poisoned everyone because husband has got it, too. You can't just eat meat after you've not eaten meat. And you especially can't just eat tainted meat.

It's all good, though, because the Vice Presidential Debates are tonight, and I am going to watch and laugh. Methinks none shall forget Poland tonight.

Hey, that reminds me, we saw a rather good production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead on Friday. I'm ashamed to admit that it is one of those plays that I did long scene from in college but never read the whole script (cardinal sin). I was delighted to find that they are indeed dead. It felt so good to just go to a random play just to see it, not because a friend was in it or anything. We ended up sitting next to one of the women from Mr. Show and we were just all hyper about it.

And...well...I have wasted much time playing The Sims 2. I don't know why, but I've had this need to recreate my Mom's life in the game. I started with her parents meeting at a young age and falling in love. They soon got married and pregnant, and there was a truly amazing moment where Camilla was born, having dark hair and big blue eyes and looking very Camilla-y. Now she is a youngster learning piano and my Aunt Maria was just born, also appropriately adorable. There is something very eerie and beautiful about doing this. It's also very strange. I started my Dad's family as well and...well...I had to kill off his Dad...and he wouldn't die...and...ok forget it. This is morbid. I'm not sure this is what they had in mind in making this game: sublimated grieving?

I think one has reached a new level of Zen in their life when they have no qualms asking their co-worker to go pick up a package of Immodium for them.


Ok, maybe it wasn't food poioning per se. Maybe your system understandably rejects meat. Perhaps you should start with beef boullion and in a month or so, move up to slim jims.

You'll be horking down hotdogs in no time, baby!

Another thing is, I know no one who actually read the whole R&GrDed play, so it is no kind of sin at all. It's a theatre student badge of honor.

Lastly, this Sims thing sounds pretty fascinating. If you are able to create characters and make them do what you want, I say, the sky's the limit.

Hope the Immodium does you right.
tifanie | 10.05.04 - 8:50 pm | #

As strange as it is, I actually have read R&GrDed. Weird, I know.
d | Homepage | 10.06.04 - 12:22 pm | #

I meant theatre students, sorry. You don't count.
tifanie | 10.06.04 - 6:27 pm | #

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