Mike was at the Republican Convention last night for Bush's speech. I highly recommend his account of the evening. Mike always has a way of saying the right things, with just the right amount of cheek.

My two favorite people just found out their future child is a girl. How blessed that little one will be, growing up in a house of love, literature, and magic. I can't wait to meet her.

Shawn Jackson is a healer and must be praised. He just is a truly great person. If you ever need massage or healing body work, this is the man. Plus, he does a mean David Brent impersonation.

Hubby and I saw What the #$(& Do We Know? the other night, which is kind of about quantum physics and spirituality and addiction and self-fulfillment and all those good fun things. It's getting a wide release in the coming weeks. Go see it so we can discuss.

Wave Three of The Great Visitation 2004 continues this weekend with my Dad coming in Saturday. There are no real plans, but I'm sure we'll end up doing some more touristy type things. Who knows. I want to see some good theatre in LA. Does that exist?

On Tuesday, I turn 30.

Pulling in to work today at WB, the car in front of me's license plate: WUHHAPN


I've had some friends go see the film - most of them enjoyed it, but couldn't seem to get past the Ramtha stuff. I'm open-minded, but I think J.Z. Knight is a dork and I'm not sure I could stand much of her. Is she in the film much? That said, quantum "everything" is the most interesting area of anything right now.
William F. House | Homepage | 09.03.04 - 12:01 pm | #

yes, she is in the film quite a bit. i had never heard of her/him/it so i had no issue with her. later i read that the three directors are all her students. still, i'm not sure that it's really about that. it didn't feel like a recruitment film to me, but maybe that's my naivete. i think, as with anything, you can take from it the good parts and leave the rest behind.
a | Homepage | 09.03.04 - 12:17 pm | #

I had definitely heard of Ramtha before seeing the film. While watching the film, I had no idea that she was the Ramtha person. There is absolutely so "selling" of any kind in it. A lot of what she says makes sense. But not any more or less than any of the rest of the Greek Chorus. People can get really cought up in presentation and not pay attention to information. They shouldn't.
d | 09.03.04 - 12:58 pm | #

That's the part that concerns me - the amount of people involved in a film that apparently centers around (at least to some degree) a dangerous cult leader.

That said, I'll probably still see it. I'm a sucker for quantum talk (especially if I can eat popcorn and gummy worms).
William F. House | Homepage | 09.03.04 - 12:59 pm | #

I meant to say "no" selling.
d | 09.03.04 - 1:00 pm | #

Well, it doesn't "center" around anybody. See it. It's good. A little wonky at times production wise but good.
d | 09.03.04 - 1:01 pm | #

dang, i'm going to have to look this lady up. are they like scientologists or something?
a | Homepage | 09.03.04 - 1:01 pm | #

Happy 30. I hope you're having a hell of a good one.
William F. House | Homepage | 09.07.04 - 4:41 pm | #

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