It's the Autumn Equinox. The earth continues her cycle, whether I like the harvest she brings or not. In 21 days, your body completely regenerates its cells. In 21 days I plan to be renewed and refreshed. I will:

*have completely healthy ears
*have completely healthy lungs
*be completely healthy
*regain energy
*be rested
*renewed creative energy
*renewed athletic energy
*renewed vocal energy
*renewed musical energy
*understanding of Purpose
*Will to move on

And that's what I have to say about that. I'm saying it publicly because I am then bound to it. Someone check back with me in three weeks, and I'll let you know.

This Sunday, my marriage to my soulmate turns 6 years old. We're going to go here to get celebratory back rubs. Let the healing begin!

Last night, we went and saw us some comedy at M Bar. We went for Sarah Silverman, who is evil and hilarious in all the right ways. We ended up being absolutely comedically destroyed, however, by Greg Proops, whom you might recognize as one of those Whose Line Is It Anyway dudes. This guy was relentless. I had no idea. It totally blindsided us, and I'm absolutely exhausted from laughing. It almost makes up for the fact that we can't join you for Mitch Hedburg, John. Allllmost. BUT, Season 4 of Mr. Show came out yesterday, so the fun continues IN OUR LIVING ROOM!


Enjoy yourself.......for you!!
Gabriella | 09.23.04 - 12:40 pm | #

I posted this to your Xanga, and then rethought that and brought it here for you:
Indemnity 580w.jpg

a little bittersweet, but your music compensates for a lot of crap things I can think of . . .
Maure | Homepage | 09.23.04 - 4:56 pm | #

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