I'm 30 now.

Thank you to all you lovelies who sent gifts and cards and messages and emails and love. I really appreciated it. I can't say this has been a fun or easy weekend. The force of Loss hit me full-on. I sort of thought it might, but somehow hoped I'd be under its rader.

My co-worker forecasted that I might have a hard day, and she brought me a plant and a Happy Birthday balloon and some Aveda yummies. I think that was very kind, considering I am just that Temp In The Corner Who Crashed The Golf Cart. Somehow, I got seven books as gifts. Is this some kind of cosmic hint that I need to read more?

My Dad's been in town. We went places. This weekend I learned about quantum physics and dinosaurs and the calming effects of group dance. I saw beautiful gems and overwrought tans. The heat decided to arrive with terrible vengence after a summer free from its grip. I've heard the term "earthquake weather" bandied about in the last few days. No, thank you.

Hubby had grand retro birthday plans that were stopped short by the heat. Instead we stayed home and watched movies. I had just about enough emotional energy to sit on the couch, so it worked out. Dad leaves today, then brother and family arrive this weekend. I AM the lizard queen!


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